Welcome to The Fit Globetrotter!

I LOVE TO TRAVEL, EAT, AND EXERCISE! Is that crazy? My name is Marlon and I am a frequent traveler.   The FitGlobetrotter is owned by Marlon Argueta, who has ...

Staying In Shape While Traveling: How to Plan Your Meals

When traveling, one of your biggest concerns might be how to count calories, as often you have to eat out or rely on others to provide you food when you ...

My Scuba Diving Story. DO MORE!!

Not long ago, my Coach wrote a blog post titled “Do more.”  In this article, Coach Wayne, talks about our path to fitness and how fitness opens up the door to ...


Top Things to do in NYC: Part 1

When you talk about New York City and its plethora of tourist ...

Top Traveling Tips to stay in shape while you travel

Travelling is fun, no doubt about it, but if you return home ...

PADI Scuba Diving, Motorcycling, and how small changes affect PERFORMANCE.

  Have you ever taken the time to think about success? Or ...

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Shakeology and Multiple Sclerosis

Have you guys seen Tony Horton ‘s Shakeology commercial? Hillarious!!  Wasn’t it? Well, I don’t want to go over the same things I went over on my first Shakeology review. If you know me, I always talk about how energized and good Shakeology makes me feel.  I always wonder why I feel so great when […]

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My Easy Meal Plan is HERE!!!

My easy meal plan is here.  This 1-week plan will help you get started on your fitness and nutrition journey.  By following this plan and joining the Beachbody Challenge, you will be able to change your physique! To download this plan, click here.

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UPDATED Body Beast Transformation

My Body Beast Transformation.  During my first round I went from 143 lbs. to 155 lbs.  using Shakeology and Body Beast. I also gained about 3/4 inch on my arms and chest and an 1/2 on each leg.  I love this program! If you want to gain muscle mass, this is the best home program that […]

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My P90X/Insanity Results!

Day 90 pictures.  I finished my first round of P90X/Insanity.  I just want to share my final results:           On day 89, I had the opportunity to meet Shaun T and do a live Insanity class in NJ.  Folks, if you ever get a chance to do this, DO IT!! This […]

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Not losing weight! Why tracking matters!

This post is about people who claim that they cannot lose any weight.  I have been on the BB and MFP boards for a while now and it seems that there are those who lose weight consistently (assuming that’s their goal) and those who don’t.  Now, those who keep losing weight get excited and stay […]

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My excuses weren’t valid and neither are yours!

 Many of us want things and want to achieve things, but we want them the easy way.  We often look for shortcuts; and when we don’t find them, we give up on what we want.  And yes, I too was guilty of this.  But this past December, I really took the time to think about […]

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Weight Loss

It’s no secret that people want to get in shape.  I say want to because most of us have wished or wished for a nice body at some point in our life.  Nothing wrong with that.  But I want to address those who look at the mirror and don’t like what they see and yet […]

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Calipers and Calculating Your Body Fat Percentage

A few weeks ago, I wrote about weight loss and how important it is to track body fat.  I didn’t talk about calipers or which ones I recommend.  So here are the two I have used so far: 1. Accu-Measure 3000:  Very affordable.  It costs anywhere between $5 to $10 dollars.  You can buy this […]

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